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Home Travel Business is something that several people search for Online.

On the Blogs you see here above you will discover practical Blogposts that can help you with Starting Up
your own Online Business and on this Blog you can find Blogposts about Home Travel Business.

Home Travel Internet Business
and Digital Camera Ideas

When you really want to build your own Travel Internet Business doing some serious Online Marketing and make the most from your Digital Camera you definitely want to have a look at: digitalcamera-ideas

Because with Internet In Business you can Make Money with your Travel or Vacation Photo's or you can find interesting Tips for your Travel Photography
It about a Lifestyle
,not only a Home Business Travel-, Writing- or Photography Lifestyle but also a 'Portable' Home Business Lifestyle because you could even run your Business when you Travel.

Travel Internet Business and How to Make your Home Travel Business a Lifestyle?

A Home Internet Travel Business as described at the Top of this Blog is a Lifestyle that enables you to combine several Passions you might have.

For example when you Love to Write, that's a big Plus for your being able to combine your love for Travel with Online Marketing by building your own Home Internet Travel Business using the Internet In Business, because a lot of it depends on your Writing. A greate way to complement your Passion for Writing is to combine Writing with a passion for Photography.

When you have great Photo's from your travels you can use them to make your travel posts a lot more attractive to read. It goes without saying that it's a great opportunity to tell you more about www.digitalcamera-ideas.blogspot.com Yet an other Blog that's part of:

Happy Blogspot

Home Travel Internet Business, becomming a Travelpreneur

Want to set up a Home Travel Internet Business...??? In this post I will show you a few 'Trics of the Trade' of Becomming the Ultimate Travelpreneur with doing Online Marketing by using Internet In Business.

Setting Up Your Income Streams

WHAT...? Can I Make MONEY with
Selling My Vacation Photo's...???'


Make Money with your Photography
because there are a lot of way's you can Sell your (Travel) Photo's through a Photo Stock Agency

There are a lot of Markets that can be interested in your Photo's
Like for example Magazine Editors or people that use Photo's online
as you can see in most bloggers forget this simple rule do you?
So there might be people out there screaming
for your Photo Moments.


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Hope you like it, and I would love to hear from you or get
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digitalcamera-ideas.blogspot.com )

'When you want to hear and see more about what a Photo Entrepreneur has to say about the Photography Business you
might also like to have a look at his recomendations and beginners tips at:'

HP's Writing Blog

And when you really really want to take it to the next level, you might like to buy a Great Apple iPad Tablet (32GB, Wi-Fi) to be able to easily Browse through your Digital Photo's or buy one or more of the Books here below:

An other approach to create an interesting Income Stream is to Write
like you can read all about in: earn up $100 up to $650 with writing for a Travel Magazine (for mor info about Writing in General you can Go to hpshappywriting2.blogspot.com

Or better combine Both Photography and Writing to become
the Ultimate Travelpreneur.

Setting up your Traveling
and Keeping it Affordable

It can be interesting to look for way's you can travel in style while keeping it affordable. On this Travel Blogspot you might have already read about the advantages of Travelpreneurship Tactics like for example Travel as a Speaker on board of Cruise Ships. As you could read in my post How to Cruise Travel For Free!

If that isn't enough, there are other great special way's you can get great discounts while being able to travel in style that you could call it a comfortable Entrepreneurial Travel Lifestyle. If you know where to look you might even be able to make it pretty much in alignment with the Lifestyle I talk about in The VISION (e)Book that you can Preview for FREE!!!

Especially if you try to avoid the peak season
you can find great reductions in price if you know where to look

For example with a site like www.trailfinders.com or Thomascook.com and UK sites like Firstchoice.co.uk and Travelbag.co.uk

while surfing on the web I accidently stumbled up on a Book that claims to help you save up to 75% on Airline Tickets. Personally I don't have any experience with this particular book, but it does sound interesting, So I thought that it would be worth mentioning on here on the TRAVEL Blogspot.
Here below you can find the Airline Tickets Book banner-link:

To Easily Compare Hotel Prices you can click on the link here below:


Especially for people that have read The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything Saving Money the Lazy Way with best-of-credit-cards-and-saving-money-lazy-edition/ will definitely be something you want to check out!

Otherwise why don't you just start out with checking out The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything first!

If you have intersting tips to share about what you have learned from your Traveling Lifestyle yourself feel free to share them here by leaving comments.

For more info about Entrepreneurship in General you can go to: HP's Happy Home Business Blogspot.com

Home Travel Business Startup, Create your own Travel Internet Business

Home Travel Business is something that several people search for Online.

Since I happen to have several Blogs for you that can help you with Starting Up your own Home Travel Business or Travel Internet Business (whatever you want to call it) I created this Special Blog for doing your own Online Marketing.

How To Start

'So How can you make Money
from that? you might ask...,'

A way to Start a Travel Internet Business from Home is to simply learn how to make money with Writing about Travel. For example when you have been on vacation you could open a Blog and write about your experiences.

You can do this through applying Affiliate Marketing on your Blog, and on HP's Happy HOME BUSINESS BLOG you can learn more about how exactly Affiliate Marketing works.

For example on HP's Happy TRAVEL Blog you can see how I do it by writing about Travel Related Topics While
(Pre) Selling Travel Related Products.

There you can find for example how I (pre) sell
Products like for example:

* Sunglasses
* Tanning Lotion
* a Beach Outfit

Or for example interesting
Recommended Travel Reading like for example...,
The absolute MUST READ to take with you on Vacation! 'Really, read that book ! ! ! !' it's great, it will open your eyes. (you can thank me later :)) 'The Lazy Way to Success' you just have to read it !!!

You can find an other Example on HP's Happy WRITING Blog where you can discover all kind of posts about Writing Related Topics While (Pre) Selling Writing Related Products.

There you can find for example how I (pre) sell
Products like for example:

* Coffee & Espresso Makers (for the writers coffee breaks)
* Books about Writing
* etc. etc.
In other words Your Writer's Kit